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Our preventive maintenance services are available for a diverse range of equipment belonging to different industries and areas of trade. Our focus is to help our clients perform their operations with minimal downtime and interruption.

When it comes to maintenance, MCM believes in one simple rule: prevention is better than repair. Regularly planned equipment maintenance inspections can help avoid inconvenient, costly emergency service situations.  Based on this belief, we provide a comprehensive preventive maintenance service customized to meet your needs. Preventive maintenance by MCM extends the life of your equipment, reduces the chances of unexpected failures, and solves problems before they become problems.

The Need

Preventive maintenance of equipment is as important as changing oil in your car. It prolongs the life of the equipment and keeps its performance at an optimum level. All these benefits are what make preventive maintenance an essential element for businesses that aim to keep a competitive edge. However, there are various other reasons that make prevention an absolute necessity for your business.

  • Maximizing MTBF – You need to detect risks of equipment failures before they occur, ensuring uptime and cost containment.
  • Avoiding Failure – You need to detect defective items before they fail, and immediately arrange for their replacement or repair.
  • Maintaining Value – You need to preserve the quality, reliability, and value of your equipment.
  • Ensuring Safety – You need to ensure compliance with safety guidelines.

The MCM Difference

At MCM, we take care of your preventive maintenance needs so your business can run efficiently. When you become an MCM customer, a Preventive Maintenance Scheduling System is developed with recommended procedures to be performed during each preventive service call.

If you’re using proprietary equipment, MCM technical personnel will work with your engineers to create a customized preventive maintenance plan for you. Once the schedule is in place, MCM’s field technicians will periodically perform maintenance procedures that will ensure uniform and complete preventive care for equipment.

Preventive maintenance is just another way that MCM answers the call for superior service.

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