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MCM has dedicated its service to help equipment manufacturing companies improve their management, decrease costs, and increase profitability with regards to the equipment they deal in. Help Desk solution is an extension of our services focused on three major areas of concern; operational and staffing cost, downtime, and end-user satisfaction.

We provide the fastest support and help on the phone offered by our team of trained specialists. Our experts diligently respond to every call they receive providing agile and appropriate support that ultimately helps you deliver the service and satisfaction you promise your customers.

The Need

Equipment manufacturing companies require building their reputation, credibility, and clientele through effective support services. However, MCM understands that despite its importance, support is not one of your core competencies. Having an in-house support team is an additional cost and excess burden on your organization. That is why you require a partner equipped with skills and expertise to take care of your end-users’ needs.

There is a need to build a knowledge base that can compile and categorize issues that your equipment faces on a daily basis so that agile and accurate service is provided in the future. Your business needs a solution that can deal with staffing issues, infrastructure requirements, and customer needs, without the capital investment.

The MCM Difference

MCM can provide your end-users with knowledgeable technical support solutions each and every time! As MCM develops a long-term relationship with your business, the MCM Help Desk will begin building a database of the most common technical problems, their symptoms, and most importantly, their solutions. MCM Support Staff will become specialists in supporting your equipment.

By utilizing MCM’s 24×7 Help Desk, organizations avoid spending time and resources on training, expensive call tracking systems, and application support. Services available through MCM’s 24X7 Help Desk include:

  • World-class, “can do” customer service commitment for every request.
  • Any combination of on-site or remote help desk services.
  • Support for multi-location environments, including any international locations.
  • 24x7x365 Help Desk “eyes on” support available.
  • Ability to manage your account with a single point of contact responsibility.
  • Pricing models offered on a fixed fee or per-call basis.
  • Proven problem reporting and resolution methodologies.

MCM can help your organization maintain and distribute spare parts inventories, track warranty expirations, and monitor inventory levels. Pricing is based on the services you use.  MCM’s Help Desk services allow you to focus on your business issues while we take care of your service needs.

Join with MCM and provide the best possible service to your customer, with minimal costs and hassles for your business.

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