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MCM believes that the key to delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction is an in-depth understanding of our clients need. We understand that there’s a lot that remains undefined during the consultation session. That is the reason why we offer a complete and comprehensive site survey prior to installation, repair, or maintenance service. The survey covers all the information that can save a great amount of effort, time, and, money.

Our pre-site survey is conducted by experts who are well aware of the critical areas that can cause issues during the installation phase. We conduct the survey according to the specifications unique to your equipment and your customers’ location.

The Need

When it comes to installation or repair service, equipment manufacturers are always looking for a solution that is quick, cost-effective, and long-term. Service companies often promise an unrealistic timeline and cost estimation. They try to save time by skipping the survey phase, and that is what leads to unexpected problems and issues during and after installation. Moreover, without a proper survey and understanding, it is not possible to provide a long-term and flexible solution that can cater to future challenges and changing requirements of your business.

The MCM Difference

MCM can coordinate with a local technician to conduct a pre-site site survey anywhere in the world. We aim to answer all your concerns by choosing the best of our resources for the survey. Our experts collect real time measurements to ensure accuracy and in-depth understanding. It is a quick, yet comprehensive procedure that covers many major aspects including:

  • Validation of site conditions for necessary power and connectivity status
  • Configurations and positioning options to visualize a complete installation

Our team will collect photos and details related to the location to ensure a solution that is perfectly tailored right according to your needs. For a solution that promises long-term value and benefit, give us a call and our team will be there for you.

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