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At MCM, we offer a call tracking system. We work with our corporate clients to help them improve almost all the processes and functions related to the equipment they manufacture or use. Our experience with a multitude of clients from various industries has offered us a profound understanding of elements that remain equally important for every business aiming for long-term growth and sustainable success. Keeping track of your service calls is near the top of that list.

MCM offers a solution that covers electronic dispatching and monitoring of all service calls. MCM’s “mNet” is a state-of-the-art, web-based service management tool that simplifies the management of your service program.

The Need

When it comes to business growth and success, process improvement is a major driving force. Businesses need to keep a record of queries, concerns, requests and demands of their customers, and how they were answered. That is what helps them analyze their services, measure their performance, and enhance the standard and quality they offer to their customers.

For growing businesses, management and monitoring of service calls can be a hassle. It requires technology that can get the job down without requiring excessive efforts, staff, or expenditure. The technology must be able to simplify and streamline the job for the existing team.

The MCM Difference

MCM offers a call tracking system you can utilize as your own. Your organization can initiate service cases for immediate action using the internet. You can also view the progress of every service case, including:

  • The estimated time the technician will arrive on-site
  • The actual time the technician arrived
  • The parts used to correct the problem
  • The time the job is completed
  • A complete report of the problem and its solution
  • Access to information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Advanced trend and analysis reporting
  • View parts shipping status from various freight companies and parts used on the service calls

Every step of the way, you and your staff can view the same information about a case as the staff and management of MCM. Several members of your staff can view the progress at the same time — whether they are in the office, at home, or traveling on business.

As you can see, MCM doesn’t simply service technology — we use it to better serve your needs.

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